Here is the benefits of using laptops: 

  1. Laptops can help get the job done faster

With a laptop work or task will be completed in a faster time, before there was a laptop we typed using a typewriter that is complicated to apologize, a little wrong must change the paper, the sound is noisy when used, not to mention we have to calculate it to determine centering , but with the advent of laptops everything becomes much easier and faster, when the wrong stay removes it quickly, everything appears on the screen stay in clicks.

  1. Using a more flexible laptop

If we use a laptop, of course it is more flexible, the laptop is easy to carry everywhere, when we need a laptop on campus we can carry it, not as complicated as a lighter laptop computer so it can be taken anywhere.

  1. Laptops can be a source of money

With a laptop we can make money, a lot of business in the world of laptops, the business is quite tempting, starting from the laptop we rent for events – events, laptop service, or even be a laptop seller

  1. As a medium of entertainment

Other uses or functions of laptops are for entertainment, for example employees or students who are bored and tired of tasks or jobs, so they can open the laptop to entertain them by playing games, or watching YouTube.

So there are many functions of a laptop, and the most important thing from a laptop is to help complete your work easier and faster. To support schools, students have started using laptops starting from elementary school, so it’s no wonder laptop technology plays an important role in everyday life. Because many school assignments are completed with laptops. So for now, laptops are no longer a luxury item but rather an item needed to support various activities.

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