Reading story books with children is a fun activity and increases the bonding between children and parents. This activity can increase children’s vocabulary and make them think creatively.

Moreover, the story of the Muslim child contains the truth from the events of the past. Through the real events contained in the story, parents and children can identify facts. In addition, there are still many benefits of reading Islamic children’s stories.

  1. Explain the facts of the past

One of the important benefits of reading Islamic stories, such as the stories of the Prophets, is to explain the facts of the past.

Children will know the story of the life journey of the Prophets, miracles, people who oppose the teachings of the Prophets, to the struggle of the Prophets in upholding the religion of Islam.

  1. Encourage children to think actively

Reading the real stories contained in the Qur’an will provide an opportunity for the little one to think. His ability to recognize which is right and which is wrong will increase.

This has a significant impact on the little one. Because parents can instill in children to determine the right choice in life.

Reading Islamic children’s stories is also beneficial for the child’s cognitive ability. Children can think critically, develop their imagination, and learn to solve problems.

  1. Be a reminder

The story of an Islamic Muslim child, like the story of the Prophets, can serve as a reminder to the little one that there is clear evidence that the Prophets were sent by Allah to invite people to worship Him.

In addition, the story of the Islamic child serves as a warning to parents as well as children regarding commands, prohibitions, and rewards for those who disobey.

  1. Understand the teachings of Islam

Automatically the child will learn to understand the teachings of the religion through Islamic stories. They are better able to distinguish what actions are forbidden and commanded by God. In addition, the story of an Islamic Muslim child can increase the little one’s obedience to Allah.

  1. As an example

The stories found in the Qur’an should be used as an example so that its evils do not recur in the present. The most effective way to make children emulate it is with Islamic children’s stories.

Through the stories of the Prophets and their followers, the little one can improve his daily behavior and actions. This can have a positive impact on the child. To emulate the good things in the story of an Islamic child, of course, the little one needs the help of parents as well.

  1. Add knowledge and knowledge

The stories presented in the stories of Islamic children tend to be true. This will increase the knowledge and knowledge of the little one, as well as remove doubts about the events that have occurred in the past.

  1. Understand the truth

Children will learn to understand the truth through Islamic stories. The stories of the Prophets will help them to interpret the facts and understand them. Not only that, with Islamic children’s stories read by parents, the little one can get peace and comfort.

  1. Give life lessons

The stories of the Prophets are the best life lessons for children. The obstacles that must be faced by the Prophets in spreading the teachings of God give a lesson to children that life is not always easy.

That people do not always support good deeds. And the importance of faith in oneself to avoid the punishment that Allah has promised for those who do not believe.

  1. Messages that are remembered until adulthood

The story of an Islamic child that is read from an early age will be attached until he grows up. This is an effective learning to instill the values ​​of goodness in the little one. By teaching religious values ​​from an early age, the little one can grow in accordance with the teachings of Islam.

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