Definition and Function of a USB Flash Drive

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USB Flash Drive is a very useful external storage device because it is small and easy to carry anywhere and can store a wide range of data depending on its capacity. As the name implies, this device uses a USB port (Universal Serial Bus).

USB Flash Drive function

You must already know the main function of this USB Flash Drive device is as a storage medium for various types of data, of course, which does not exceed the capacity of the USB Flash Drive that you have. If this USB Flash Drive has stored a number of music files, it can be used practically to play it on a sound output device that has a USB port.

The capacity varies, including 512 GB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB to 1 TB. Of course its capacity is always experiencing development.

Aside from being a data storage medium, a USB Flash Drive can be used also as a media to help the installation of the operating system on a computer instead of CD media if you do not have a CD-ROM device.

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