Well, I have explained what a laptop is and also its history, now I will explain what are the functions and uses of laptops. Following below are the functions and uses of the laptop.

  1. Typing and Making Presentations

In the past, to type, we needed to use a typewriter, which was not easy to use, aka a bit complicated. For example, if we make a typo, the paper must be replaced, besides that, the typewriter is also noisy. Unlike laptops, we can type very easily, if it’s wrong it can be deleted and there is also a text formatting feature that can help edit our writing. There are several applications that you can use for writing / typing such as Wordpad, Notepad, and Ms. Word.

Not only that, we can also make presentations using one of the applications on the laptop, namely Ms. Power point. In it, there are various interesting and powerful features that can make your presentation material more informative and interesting. In short, a laptop can make your job or task easier.

  1. Entertainment Media

You can listen to songs, watch movies, and also play games on the laptop. Take advantage of entertainment media on a laptop to relieve fatigue or boredom after activities. Compared to smartphones, watching movies on a laptop is certainly more satisfying. In fact, some games are also more fun when played on a laptop than on a smartphone because they have a larger screen size and can be attached to a joystick.

  1. Easy to Carry or Flexible

Laptops are portable, meaning they are easy to carry around because they are small, light and tend to be thin. The power source also comes from the battery, so you don’t need to always plug your laptop into electricity because there is already a power reserve in it. Just recharge your laptop battery, when it will run out.

  1. Design, Photo and Video Editing

With the help of editing and design applications, you can make poster designs, brochures, or anything else on your laptop and do photo and video editing as well. You can create animation with After Effect, create illustrator or poster design with Adobe Illustrator, edit photos with Adobe Photoshop, edit / create videos with Movie Maker and various other related activities.

  1. As a Communication Tool

You can use your laptop as a medium for communication, namely by installing or opening social media applications / communication tools on a laptop such as Line, WhatsApp, or Skype.

  1. Storing Important Data

You can save your data on your laptop in documents, photos, videos, audio or other file formats. You can also protect data security by creating a login password on the laptop. The amount of data that you can store is adjusted to the storage available on your laptop.

  1. Make it easy for work or activities

There are many other functions and uses of laptops besides those I mentioned above. Various activities that you can do on your laptop such as browsing, making calculations with Ms. Excel, developing applications, blogging, taking pictures, recording videos, and more. Laptops even make it easier for us to work, for example those of us who work in the fields of blogging, vlogging, application developers, administration, designers, and others.

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