How to overcome the printer error that the prints are outlined

How to overcome printer error is in fact not difficult. just by following the guidelines you will be given, your printer can be used again. there are many problems that sometimes occur on the printer one of them is the line in the printed paper. this kind of print is very disturbing. such prints do not apply because the prints are not clean. to make clean print results back without spending more money to go photocopier repair service Malaysia , this is the way:

  1. Prepare an injection without any needles.
  2. Prepare special fluids commonly used in the head cleaner.
  3. Make a hole in the cartridge according to the large from the tip of the injection.
  4. Note that the injection is clean from ink and also dirt.
  5. Insert the injection into the cartridge and press hold the injection until the ink comes out through the cartridge. do this repeatedly until there is no ink inside.
  6. Do again the above way, but this time fill it with the special liquid and spray it thoroughly.
  7. Do this until the mold returns to normal results.

In doing the above way you can repeat the fifth and sixth way up to several times. this way is very easy and cheap because it does not have to spend money to buy the tools for your  photocopier Malaysia.

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