The plotter is a graphic printer that draws using ink pens, the plotter is also the first output device capable of printing images the size of images as large as architectural and engineering drawings.

  • Another understanding is the plotter is a machine that will automatically draw graphics based on the data entered.
  • While the plotter is still divided, there is an auto plotter, which is a machine that will automatically draw a graph based on the data entered.

The head of the plotter consists of several colored pens that will continuously move onto the drawing paper to produce images that were previously designed on a computer system.

In general, the part in the plotter is divided into two, namely drum-plotter and table-top-plotters (flatbed).

Flatbed plotter equipped with a pen or pen hanger that always moves along the surface of the paper to produce images

Type of plotter:

  • Pen plotter

The Pen plotter has one or a number of colored pens for drawing on transparent paper or plastic, which makes the output in the form of lines. to draw on transparent paper or plastic, the plotter outputs are continuous lines.

  • Electrostatic plotter

In this plotter, the paper is placed on a flat place like a table, then the output or printout is made with the working principle like a photocopy machine by giving an electrical voltage to the paper. Then the voltage will pull the ink to stick to the paper. The ink is then thawed by heating. The quality of the electrostatic plotter is not as good as the pen plotter, but the speed is higher compared to the pen plotter.

  • Thermal plotter

This plotter uses an electronically heated pin, then the pin is passed on a type of media that is sensitive to heat, so that the image is formed. Thermal plotters can be used on paper or opaque film.

  • Cutting plotter

Plotter cutter functions to cut vinyl, rubber, cork, etc. Usually used in the shoe industry or the clothing industry, making patterns as well as cutting it. Utilization can be used in the shoe industry or the clothing industry, to cut patterns or materials at once.

  • Wide Format plotter

Wide format plotter is usually used by graphics companies because it is able to make very wide colored prints. Many are used by graphic artists. The technology used can resemble an ink-jet printer or thermal plotter

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