Psos offer a wide range of RICOH black and white photocopier machines, as well as multifunctional printing machines . All of their photocopiers undergo a thorough selection process, to ensure their photocopiers are in the best possible condition for you. After the selection process, the copiers will undergo a recovery process operated by their professional, trained and skilled staff. This ensures that their customers will only get the highest quality photocopier at the most affordable prices. Rent photocopier RM2 per day & Extremely low start up cost. We also offer short term rental and 0% Interest Split Payment.

In order to meet the needs of each of the different customers, they offer a variety of copying machine packages. Whether you’re just starting a business, or you’re running a multinational company, you’ll definitely find a photocopy package that suits your needs. Their goal is to provide the best level of flexibility to their customers. If their normal Photocopier package does not meet your specific requirements, you are welcome to notify us so they can provide you with a special package.


In keeping with their goal of offering a flexible service, you also have the option of upgrading or switching to a better machine if your needs change. Upgrades can be made at any time during the contract period, without any penalty to the customer.

Why choose them?

  • Responsive onsite support and remote support
  • Excellent quality of same range product among the market offers
  • Affordable long term running cost
  • Client-hassle-free technical/spare part support workflow

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