RICOH Aficio Malaysia


Photocopy Digital MultiFunction with RICOH brand, intends to offer Digital Photocopy Machine MultiFunction RICOH Aficio Series. The advantages of the machine are as follows:

  • Digital Technology

Documents are produced with Twin Laser Beam technology which requires only one Scanning document process for any number of copy results. (Scan Once to Copy Many)

  • Printer and Scanner

It can also serve as a Printer that can be operated directly from the computer either Single Print or Network Printing. It can also serve as a Scanner that can scan documents with a resolution of 600dpi and can be sent to the address of the intended E-mail or to the Folder on the User’s Computer. (Scan to E-Mail / Scan to Folder)

  • Duplex

Can print front back automatically.

  • Electronic Sorting

Helps in performing duplicate copy processes that can sort documents automatically.

  • Document Server

Equipped with hard drives that can store forms that are routinely used (Example: Leave Form, External Service Letter, Price List, etc.) that can be printed every time you want to use so as to minimize paper use.

  • Password / User code

Equipped with a Password or User Code that can control the use of a copier, printer & scanner or fax.

For more information about RICOH Aficio Malaysia, please visit

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