Buying a second hand laptop can be an exciting option. For example, you want to save money or just buy a laptop for your kid to get a computer. Whatever the reason, here are some tips on buying quality second hand laptops:

1. Look at the Physical Form of the Laptop


The state of the laptop chassis determines whether the laptop is properly maintained. Take a good look at the entire laptop chassis so you won’t regret it later for not carefully examining the damage.

Laptop display

Laptop LCD display is one of the most expensive components. So make sure the laptop display is still working properly.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Make sure your laptop’s keyboard and touchpad are still functioning properly. This is because replacing keyboards and touchpads, while more expensive, is not as easy as replacing them on a desktop.

2. Look At Components In Laptops


For now, it’s best to buy a second hand laptop that uses a Pentium III minimum. This professor is still capable of running a modern operating system like Windows XP.


RAM Memory Prices are usually cheap now. Examine the RAM capacity and see if it can be easily upgraded if you want it. It is recommended that the laptop have a minimum RAM capacity of 512 Mb.

Hard disk capacity

Old laptops may only have a maximum hard drive of 40 GB, and some may only have 10 GB. Determine the capacity that meets your requirements for storing data.


Second hand laptop batteries are usually weak. Consider whether you need a new battery. If your laptop is home-only, you may not need to buy a new battery and use only electricity at home

3. Ask Yourself

Ask yourself, why buy a second hand laptop ?. Can the laptop last for a long time or would you rather wait a while to buy a new one? Remember, the price of new laptops is decreasing as technology progresses. But if you’re ready to buy a used laptop after considering the various benefits, just do it.

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