Types of damage that always occur by category.

1- iMac is very slow because:

– iMac’s Random Access Memory (RAM) capacity is not compatible with today’s technology.

– iMac still uses HDD.

– iMac does not serve

2- iMac is overheating because:

– Never served.

– Thermal paste hardens.

– The fan isn’t working.

3- iMac does not have on-screen display when turned on because:

– Power Supply The iMac screen is on fire.

– Let the iMac live for too long without stopping.

– The iMac screen is broken.

– Graphic card problem.

– The screen is broken.

4- iMac cannot be turned on directly because:

– Power Supply Unit iMac on fire.

5- iMac cannot be connected to network / internet because:

– WiFi iMac is broken.

6- iMac has problems with sound. Some iMac problems do not sound clear, some iMac problems do not sound at all.

– The iMac speaker is damaged

7- iMac tersekat pada logo Apple selepas dihidupkan (stuck on Apple logo)

– Hard disk drive pada iMac dah rosak.

– OS X iMac is corrupt.

8- Other problems with iMac screen:

– There is a line on the iMac screen (permanent, non-moving lines).

– In the iMac screen there is water vapor.

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