Sealing Wax  is a seal wax used to beautify your invitation or envelope. In addition to making a formal impression, sealing wax is also able to make your invitation / envelope look different. How to use it is actually quite easy. You can use Glue Gun or melt it directly with the help of a heating stove, depending on the shape of the sealing wax you have.

How to use sealing wax?

  • Take the sealing wax you want to use. Then cut into pieces into 2-3 cm dice pieces.
  • Put it on the furnace or stove. Use a pan or other iron container.
  • After the sealing wax melts, you are ready to use it to your wedding invitation letter.
  • You can use a spoon to get the melted wax. After that spill the candle onto the surface of the wedding invitation letter that will be sealed. Wait for the candle for about 6-10 seconds to reduce the temperature.
  • Press sealing wax with the wax stamp.
  • After that, lift the stamp slowly.

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