When you purchase a refurbished computer from an online store, you are bound by the Customer Contracts Regulations. These laws grant you the freedom to change your mind for whatever reason and to cancel your order-starting from the moment you order and finishing 14 days from the day you get your laptop.

If you buy from an online or physical retailer, you are protected under the Consumer Rights Act if your laptop is defective. Under that Act, you have the legal right to refuse products of unsatisfactory nature, unfit for use or not as defined, and to receive a complete refund-as long as you do so within 30 days from the date of possession of your laptop. After 30 days, you may not be entitled to a full refund, but certain vendors can give you a longer refund period. However, you might apply for a fix or replacement. Bear in mind, though, that whilst individual online product lists do not show the exact amount of wear and tear, the website would likely have a comprehensive description of the amount of wear and tear you may expect from the grade of product you have purchased.

If you are buying from a private vendor, the items must be as defined. There is no duty for the vendor to warn you of any mistakes, but on eBay, for example, customers are allowed to ask questions in order to gain more details from vendors who have not given a detailed listing. If you discover a mistake that was not reported so that you did not look for it before buying, you will be able to discuss a solution with the vendor, but they may not be under any duty to support or repay you, particularly if they are not a company.

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