A refurbished laptop has generally been properly returned as close to ‘as fresh’ as possible to the manufacturer or supplier, and also comes with a warranty. A second-hand laptop is usually a used laptop sold ‘as-is’ and the quality is even more complex.


  • These laptops can only be available directly from suppliers, dealers or resellers, such as Laptops Direct.
  • They will either look ‘new’ or rated on standard (see below), so you know for sure what’s going to happen to a laptop when you buy it.
  • Prices will also be higher than in the second-hand market, as laptops have been tested by experts to guarantee that they are in decent operating order and physical condition.
  • You are given a warranty of some kind, since it is being sold to you by a professional retailer.

Used or second hand

  • You can also purchase directly from the current owner, which means the purchases can be more volatile.
  • The warranty is expected to fail until the product is less than two years old.
  • You can get a decent deal, because vendors do not know how much a used laptop actually is worth. Online auctions also result in low final rates as well. That said, there are experienced bargain hunters looking at auction sites all the time, holding rates higher.
  • The laptop may appear clearly tired, and may not be in its original case, and certain accessories may be missing. Double check with the vendor what you’re going to get before you pay.

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